BPAL Lilith’s 2016 Review

So it’s that time of year again, the release of the Lilith collection from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

This is my First BPAL order direct from the Lab (I’m in the UK) and I have to say despite the expensive postage, I am thrilled with this years Lilith’s!  I was very pleased to receive my order FAST fast and loved the extras.  In my parcel I received 8 free imps and a pretty post card along side my 5 bottles, which were mostly foody types.

OK review and pretties time…


First off I’d just like to say how beautiful Lilith and her labels are! And there wasn’t a bottle I didn’t like! I brought from The Motherhood collection 2016 (the second part of the release) and these scents are incredible! So from left to right:

‘The Devil Will Find Work for Idle Hands. This scent is a ridiculous mélange of blue cotton candy, strawberry marshmallows, and whipped cream with sprinkles.’ This is a sweet treat for sure. Strawberry marshmallow leads, followed by a soft dry down of blue creamy candy. Love it.

‘Vampire Night at the Movies. An odd mix of salted popcorn, butter, clove, and a few drops of stage blood.’ This is natural popcorn (as apposed to a more synthetic smelling super sweet popcorn scent) The clove note to me smells more like soft cinnamon which adds a nice warmth to the scent. There is also a powdered sugar smell to me, the sort of sugar that coats doughnuts. I really like this one. But it does dry down powdery.

‘Perfect Fifths. Bow rosin and bubblegum.’ Oh yes this is pink childlike bubble gum and bow rosin. The bow rosin adds a sharp chemical powdery smell, but it’s quite pleasant. This perfume is super strong.

‘Little Lady Frankenstein. This should smell like electricity and potions.’ This was the only scent I was on the fence with. It doesn’t really smell like the (sort of) description lol. This is like white electricity and strange floral’s on me. There is also a tinge of lemon grass? and a semi citrus note. I like the smell in the bottle… but having tested it twice, it’s odd on skin.

‘Motherhood. Snake Oil, lavender, bubblegum, and gummi bears.’ OK so I was sure this would be the one I liked the least (I hate lavender) but it turns out I love it the most. This will be the sell out hit for sure. On cold sniff, this is blue sour candy and something dark lurking around the corner. On the skin… oh WOW, PURPLE snake oil! The bubble gum and candy swirl around in this dark purple mysterious scent. I can tell this will age beautifully, if it lasts that long haha.

So all in all… worth every penny. Grab them whilst you can. I’m now eagerly awaiting the ‘Weenies’ release (Halloween) too. So many pretties, so many!




Blooddrop Perfume Review

I have been meaning to  check out Blooddrop Clothing & Fineries for awhile, after receiving some of their perfumes in a swap. Originally I had recieved ‘Sheer Pink Stockings’ which is a beautiful pink sugary blend and ‘Rootbeer & Vanilla Ice Cream Float.’ Both bottles smell incredible and have aged beautifully.


I also recieved a bottle of Merci (A free gift for spending $50 or over.) The idea behind Merci (thank you) bottles being that they are a complete mystery, with no notes listed. Which makes for a little fun.


So after hearing about Blooddrops ‘Summer Simplicities’ range and ‘Bastille Day’ Collection and having seen an offer on B.D Facebook page, I placed an order. The owner of Blooddrops was very kind in helping me avoid certain notes I have allergies to. The order itself was easy to place and TAT (turn around time)  very reasonable to the UK!

So with the F.B offer I brought 4 bottles and received 2 bottles free, plus a bottle of Merci. That is a whopping 3 bottle free… making for a very generous parcel! And when my goodies arrived they were beautifully wrapped and accompanied by a personal handwritten note and cute little ‘artwork cards’ for want of a better word.


OK so first up I tried the Summer Simplicity collection:

Spun Sugar. A white neutral sugar (not your stereotypical ‘pink floss’.) It is very ‘one lump or two’ and makes for a great layering note without being too sweet.

Pavement. In the bottle, a strange concoction of tar and cough mixture. On the skin…. oh wow this is a morpher, changing with the time of day. It reminds me of those hot HOT summers where concrete cracks and tar oozes a dark rainbow of oil… and then the storm hits and rain drops meet warm sidewalks. Pavement is a journey and i’m happy to be on it!

Fudge. This smells like homemade chunks of granny made fudge. It is not the super sweet cheap holiday fudge I was expecting. Spun sugar layers with this well! I would loved for this to have been sweeter, but that’s just my tooth talking lol.

 Bastille Day:

Fraternite. This reminds me of grabbing a coffee in a suave historically steeped bar, on some cobbled back street somewhere. Initially this is a smokey strong scent, with creeping coffee and aged wood. It dries down to a soft smokey ale. This is a dry smoke, not the rich tobacco note I was expecting. But non the less,  a very dark perfume full of mystery and memory. Nice!


Solstice. I’m quite taken with this, it’s dark and fruity. It’s purple and overripe with hints of greenery… gorgeous.

Chocolate Apple Cider Doughnut. This is interesting, no particular notes stand above or dominates. It is a very sweet cider with a lump of chocolate, tinge of apple and a hint of freshly baked doughnut. On the dry down… Cider for the win!

Merci 116! Ouuu or should I say ohhh *scratches head* I smell milk chocolate, snapped straight from a big chunky bar. But what.. oh what is that background note. Something familiar, something that will plague my thoughts and then pop up at the most random time with a big *THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE* lol! This game is fun.

I had been striking out with ‘Indy companies’ recently, so all in all i’m really glad I ordered! Blooddrops are little postal bundles of happiness. Long lasting, decent throw, great selection… what more could I ask for… well apart from more lol.

So go on give them a go, no don’t let me keep them all for myself. OK i’ll share… maybe, I changed my mind get your own lol!

Demeter perfume and painting with scent

Demeter are an American company known for a large Library of fragrance. If you are in the UK you’ll find a selection of their perfume sprays in Boots drug store.

Now their collections are vast and their scents are known for vanishing pretty quickly. This to me is actually ideal! Their bottle size is big enough that you can afford to keep topping up as you go. I also like their fade fast scents, because it means I can change my scent choice through out the day.


Demeter are my company of comfort, being able to select a scent to suit my mood! And as they have a huge selection of single notes, it makes for a great blending collection… I can create scents personal and unique.


The other great thing about Demeter is that they group scent. (Have selections of similar notes or themes) Allowing you the illusion of running away with your dreams. It’s like painting a scene with perfume or creating a certain atmosphere.

Now I did mention the lack of longevity, however I find the 8ml samples do last a lot longer and seem to be stronger (have a better throw) So you may wish to check them out. They are also great handbag sized bottles.


One last Demeter tip is that to look at a Demeter bottle, you’d be forgiven for thinking they are sealed. Well actually they are screw top! So I have been decanting some of the perfumes and adding them to 10ml spray bottles, so I can keep an array of scent for linen and atmosphere sprays. (The oil is light enough to spray on fabric without leaving oily marks)

This also means that I can mix custom blends for myself and add them to decorative bottles of my choice. Oh the fun of bottle shopping my Demeter lovers! Happy sniffing!

Sugar and SPITE bathery perfume review

Some time ago I received a bottle of S&S ‘Barnum’ and fell in love with the creamy hay and golden tobacco scent drifting from the bottle. After checking out customers Facebook photos of their Dram sets, I went ahead and brought 2 sample sets of my own. (Each set should contain 5 sample bottles, 1 Dram each)

So today my order came and initially I was impressed with the outer packaging. Nicely wrapped, decorative, cute wax seals.



But unfortunately that is where my excitement ended.  Immediately both boxes felt, well damp and I knew there were leaky products. But forever the optimist, I grabbed some tissue and prepared for the clean up.

The second problem came when viewing the perfumes… erm ok, 1ml samples. (Not what I ordered) I checked the website again, and they were still listed as 1 Dram (3.6ml) and other customers had still been receiving 1 Dram samples. Why not me?!   Added to which, other customers had an array of free perfume samples with their orders too.

So a few excuses.. erm I mean Emails later, it was explained that it was a ‘clerical error’ followed by ‘a costing issue’ and that there had never been a complaint about leaks befor. And without warning my order has been downsized lol. (And so you can see, i have included two photos below. The first is my smaller, leaky order. The second is a recent Facebook photo of another customers Dram set order) My samples don’t even fit in the box properly.



In S&S’s defence, she did refund the initial costs. However, between exchange rates, customs charges and Postal handling fees… I lost my ass on this one! Which is a shame, as although some of the samples are very generic there are a few scents I would have ordered full bottles of. I may also have ordered other products. But as it stands I feel a little brushed aside and certainly left with ‘Dram envy’ lol. If you advertise something… deliver.

Ravenscourt Apothecary UK

Ravenscourt Apothecary are a UK based botanical fragrance company. They are Vegan friendly and a relatively new find for me. They offer both samples and full sized themed perfumes in vintage inspired packaging.

Samples are available in ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ sets at a cost of £10 each.


So upon receiving, each set contained 4 samples presented in cute matchbox sized boxes. Samples were tricky to open and had leaked a little. I chose to overlook this as soon as I caught a rather beautiful drifting scent coming from the packaging.


After testing, i’m happy to say both quality and throw are good. The scents last and the bottles are super cute. I like a nice strong well blended perfume, and that’s exactly what I got. I’d like to see more of a choice, but appreciate that this is a small indy operation. Hope to see more from Ravenscourt Apothecary soon.

Commodity perfumes sample sets

Commodity perfume sample sets are a great way to try a range of niche scents. Originally part of the Kick Start project, Commodity have built a steady following. Unfortunately they do not currently post to the UK. But a favour from a friend and I finally have my hands on their scent sample sets.


They are offered in both ‘man’ and ‘woman’ collections, but to be honest they are very unisex. I’m as much a fan of the masculine scents as I am the feminine, simply because they lack the flowery vs. aftershave feel. They are all very natural but unusual scents. Offered in a range from dew and rain, to book and cane.

The other fantastic thing about these samples are not only the range but the price. For $9 each set with free US postage, you really can’t go wrong! Even with me having paid a US friend to send them to me, they are cheap! And much larger than the usual 1ml samples. I’d like to have seen a plastic lid with them, but that just me being fussy.


The women’s collection are on the lighter side. They are a range of softer scents with a good throw. They last well too, lingering nicely on the skin. And each are wrapped for freshness and come with a little diary card for after thoughts.

The men’s scents are a touch heavier, and have an earthier feel. Including woods, beverages etc… even book and paper. And yes there is a distinct difference between closely grouped scents. The paper scent is fresher and has a hint of lignin, as apposed to the smell of ‘book’ which reminds me of old libraries.

I was disappointed that a couple of samples had leaked. Also having reached the bottom of the samples, there is actually only enough perfume for a few sprays.  Samples are not full. However, the perfumes are of nice quality and the scents are quite comforting. I’d consider buying full sized bottles if they were available in the UK. Lets hope this company go from strength to strength.

LUSH perfume update and perfume taping advice!

I’ve been gone so long I barely remember myself. But I do remember my hunger for scent. So I figured the best place to begin, was with my annoyance in finding half of my LUSH perfume samples having evaporated. Sweet scent gone forever. I blame those pesky push top stoppers!

2014-05-27 19.11.50

What I will say is that if you have perfume with faulty or unsuitable tops and you fear evaporation or leaking, then my advice… tape the bottles. You can buy (expensive) ‘perfume tape’ but i’d suggest ‘plumbers tape.’ Why you ask… well they are one and the same. That’s right, made of the same stuff and do the same job. Plumbers tape costs half the price and comes in a variety of widths and thicknesses. It is great for keeping your scents safe and also perfect for those bottles and samples you may wish to post. Reducing the likelihood of accidental leaks in transit. Losing precious perfume is no joke!

 Now I know, I hear you… is it sticky… no it’s not, it’s a self sealing tape. You simply cut the length, wrap and press the end down when you are done. It is also really easy to remove and completely reusable too.

So, after protecting the remainder of my perfumes I decided to order a few other samples from LUSH to make up for the loss. I was pleasantly surprised to find LUSH  have invested in screw top lids (about time.) And all in all the new sample bottles aren’t bad. The perfume comes out much easier and the lids do their job! My only complaint being the wonky labels. For the money (Approx. £20 for a sample set) I’d really like to see a better finish.


I won’t bother to review the scents, but my final note on the matter is that the new scents feel very basic. The primary notes in each scent overpower the background notes. Making them feel almost like single notes. LUSH’s previous scents feel more complex and layered. Making them my preferred blend.

i’d also like to quickly mention my love of LUSH’s Toothy Tabs and The Greeench deodorant powder.

The Toothy tabs are a great alternative to toothpaste and much easier to transport. A great range of flavours, and for someone who hates bicarb, I really don’t taste it in the tabs! I prefer the larger tab bottles as the smaller card boxes are prone to bathroom water damage.

The Greeench deodorant powder is quite the product, applies easily and keeps my pits completely dry and fresh. Great herbal smell too. The only downside is that you do risk white marks on dark clothing, but this washes out much easier than deodorant residue.


Although I have a few minor issues with LUSH, I generally like them enough to keep going back for more! There are key products that I use daily, including their shower gels and their loose pigment powder (face powder.) Which I LOVE. It is light enough to match my English Rose completion and applies so smoothly! And it’s the one thing on my list completely scent free!