Lets Talk LUSH

So this is my third LUSH post and lets face it, who doesn’t like to smell like unicorn farts and rainbows lol.

There are a few musts for me, starting with Breath of Fresh Air face toner at a cost of £8.50. Now this is a great product for reducing redness and cooling the skin, it is also my favourite ‘face hack.’   In short, this is also a pretty good make up remover and a great quick fix for freshening up through the day.


And as we are talking multi use, I have to talk shower jelly! This is a strange product that reminds me of those goo pots children play with lol. I personally use it as a hand soap but it has a much more devious use… coaxing my Son into the shower lol. Yes, he is of THAT age where he’d rather stink than wash, so this makes for a good bribe lol.

Me personally, i stick to the shower gels and creams. The Comforter (£12.95) being a particular favourite, mostly because the strength of the scent means I can smell it on my skin after showering… heaven! Don’t Rain on my Parade being a close second. This is a ‘green’ violet. Fresh and rain soaked, not the candy violet you’d immediately think of. It’s a great morning shower gel.


I also like to use as part of my routing, LUSH lip scrubs. If I remember right they are roughly £4.50 and a little goes a long way. I have big lips and they need a good polish lol. Highly recommended! And for those who are a big fan of Snow Fairy, The Kiss is very similar.. a mixture of Raspberry and bubblegum. I also use their Popping Candy lip scrub, which I believe was a limited edition. It’s still going strong, so these products have a great shelf life. Popcorn scrub, for the curious… smells exactly like!

Finally my last skin must have is LUSH ‘Love Lettuce’ fresh face mask. This is a soft grain face mask that also exfoliates. 15 minutes of looking like Slimer from the Ghost Busters, and you are good to go! This needs to be kept in the fridge and has a short shelf life… but leaves my skin soft and ‘glowey’ (yes I know that isn’t a word lol)


The only downside to LL is the smell, it is Lavender heavy. I’d like to have this smelling closer to its namesake. But this is a multi fix must have!

One last note, for those who recycle, LUSH have a take back scheme.. take 5 empty full size pots/bottles back and receive a free product. Great stuff!


Revlon Scented Nail Polish

I’m not always a massive fan of Revlon when it comes to nail polish, but did select four of the original scented polishes. (Grape Icy, Coconut Crush, Sugar Glaze and Raspberry Scone.)



I was quite happy with the array of scent and colour choices available, but unfortunately not the quality or throw. These were very watery and still patchy after 3 coats. The brush had little control and the polish dripped everywhere. The scent lasted a little over 2 hours. Added to which, the print on the bottle came off all over my hands… nightmare!

So whilst in Boots recently I found a selection of updated and redesigned Revlon scented nail polishes. I jumped straight in with Spun Sugar, Lavender Soap, Fresh Linen and Autumn Spice.


I’m quite taken with the new look, they have that grande apothecary feel. However the brush lids are a little hard to handle, it’s like trying to paint with a marble lol. Now I did note that the quality of the varnish had improved, 3 coats gives a fairly even finish but this formula does chip quite easily. The scents themselves are longer lasting (around 24 hours) and less pungent than Revlon’s first range. Autumn Spice has the added bonus of being glittery bordering metallic.

So all in all, these aren’t too bad. There is a certain childlike fun element to these ‘Look at me I have scratch and sniff fingers’ Probably not the look Revlon were going for though lol!