LUSH Foundation and Face Powder

One thing to note about me, is that I have spent forever finding both foundation and face powder to cover both spot prone and extremely light skin. Most foundations leave me well.. orangutan orange with a layer of chalk lol.

So first up I tried LUSH’s Colour Supplement in their lightest shade ‘Jackie Oates.’ This is £12 for a small pot and it’s worth noting compared to the face powder, this is NOT vegan friendly.  It does contain honey etc… The idea being that it acts as a spot calming treatment and foundation.


The first thing to note is the smell, OMG the smell… yuck! It’s a mixture of strong oats, dust and cardboard. It took me a moment to recover lol! So from there I chose to quick test with my finger. It is light, but i’m still not sold on the shade. Consistency is pretty thick and it does blend well. I’m not sure i’d risk brush application as it seems to work well with warm fingers. However it does sit in the pores and it is on the oily side. It doesn’t last well either, a few hours and it’s patchy. But the odd thing is, that it makes for a good spot treatment, it does calm and tame. But for me it’s a no, I can’t get past the smell and the smell lingers on my skin.

Next up is the Emotional Brilliance face powder. Again this is £12 per pot and unlike the foundation, this is indeed Vegan. I’m also happy to report, that this is LIGHT light! It also has a thread of pink, giving that English Rose dewy look.


 I applied with a nice chunky powder brush and immediately fell in love. This feels like quality. Works wonders over a decent foundation, holds its colour and consistency, lasts, targets oily areas and most importantly doesn’t stink! Winner, i have been using it ever since.


Ravenscourt Apothecary UK

Ravenscourt Apothecary are a UK based botanical fragrance company. They are Vegan friendly and a relatively new find for me. They offer both samples and full sized themed perfumes in vintage inspired packaging.

Samples are available in ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ sets at a cost of £10 each.


So upon receiving, each set contained 4 samples presented in cute matchbox sized boxes. Samples were tricky to open and had leaked a little. I chose to overlook this as soon as I caught a rather beautiful drifting scent coming from the packaging.


After testing, i’m happy to say both quality and throw are good. The scents last and the bottles are super cute. I like a nice strong well blended perfume, and that’s exactly what I got. I’d like to see more of a choice, but appreciate that this is a small indy operation. Hope to see more from Ravenscourt Apothecary soon.

Revlon Scented Nail Polish

I’m not always a massive fan of Revlon when it comes to nail polish, but did select four of the original scented polishes. (Grape Icy, Coconut Crush, Sugar Glaze and Raspberry Scone.)



I was quite happy with the array of scent and colour choices available, but unfortunately not the quality or throw. These were very watery and still patchy after 3 coats. The brush had little control and the polish dripped everywhere. The scent lasted a little over 2 hours. Added to which, the print on the bottle came off all over my hands… nightmare!

So whilst in Boots recently I found a selection of updated and redesigned Revlon scented nail polishes. I jumped straight in with Spun Sugar, Lavender Soap, Fresh Linen and Autumn Spice.


I’m quite taken with the new look, they have that grande apothecary feel. However the brush lids are a little hard to handle, it’s like trying to paint with a marble lol. Now I did note that the quality of the varnish had improved, 3 coats gives a fairly even finish but this formula does chip quite easily. The scents themselves are longer lasting (around 24 hours) and less pungent than Revlon’s first range. Autumn Spice has the added bonus of being glittery bordering metallic.

So all in all, these aren’t too bad. There is a certain childlike fun element to these ‘Look at me I have scratch and sniff fingers’ Probably not the look Revlon were going for though lol!

Commodity perfumes sample sets

Commodity perfume sample sets are a great way to try a range of niche scents. Originally part of the Kick Start project, Commodity have built a steady following. Unfortunately they do not currently post to the UK. But a favour from a friend and I finally have my hands on their scent sample sets.


They are offered in both ‘man’ and ‘woman’ collections, but to be honest they are very unisex. I’m as much a fan of the masculine scents as I am the feminine, simply because they lack the flowery vs. aftershave feel. They are all very natural but unusual scents. Offered in a range from dew and rain, to book and cane.

The other fantastic thing about these samples are not only the range but the price. For $9 each set with free US postage, you really can’t go wrong! Even with me having paid a US friend to send them to me, they are cheap! And much larger than the usual 1ml samples. I’d like to have seen a plastic lid with them, but that just me being fussy.


The women’s collection are on the lighter side. They are a range of softer scents with a good throw. They last well too, lingering nicely on the skin. And each are wrapped for freshness and come with a little diary card for after thoughts.

The men’s scents are a touch heavier, and have an earthier feel. Including woods, beverages etc… even book and paper. And yes there is a distinct difference between closely grouped scents. The paper scent is fresher and has a hint of lignin, as apposed to the smell of ‘book’ which reminds me of old libraries.

I was disappointed that a couple of samples had leaked. Also having reached the bottom of the samples, there is actually only enough perfume for a few sprays.  Samples are not full. However, the perfumes are of nice quality and the scents are quite comforting. I’d consider buying full sized bottles if they were available in the UK. Lets hope this company go from strength to strength.

LUSH perfume update and perfume taping advice!

I’ve been gone so long I barely remember myself. But I do remember my hunger for scent. So I figured the best place to begin, was with my annoyance in finding half of my LUSH perfume samples having evaporated. Sweet scent gone forever. I blame those pesky push top stoppers!

2014-05-27 19.11.50

What I will say is that if you have perfume with faulty or unsuitable tops and you fear evaporation or leaking, then my advice… tape the bottles. You can buy (expensive) ‘perfume tape’ but i’d suggest ‘plumbers tape.’ Why you ask… well they are one and the same. That’s right, made of the same stuff and do the same job. Plumbers tape costs half the price and comes in a variety of widths and thicknesses. It is great for keeping your scents safe and also perfect for those bottles and samples you may wish to post. Reducing the likelihood of accidental leaks in transit. Losing precious perfume is no joke!

 Now I know, I hear you… is it sticky… no it’s not, it’s a self sealing tape. You simply cut the length, wrap and press the end down when you are done. It is also really easy to remove and completely reusable too.

So, after protecting the remainder of my perfumes I decided to order a few other samples from LUSH to make up for the loss. I was pleasantly surprised to find LUSH  have invested in screw top lids (about time.) And all in all the new sample bottles aren’t bad. The perfume comes out much easier and the lids do their job! My only complaint being the wonky labels. For the money (Approx. £20 for a sample set) I’d really like to see a better finish.


I won’t bother to review the scents, but my final note on the matter is that the new scents feel very basic. The primary notes in each scent overpower the background notes. Making them feel almost like single notes. LUSH’s previous scents feel more complex and layered. Making them my preferred blend.

i’d also like to quickly mention my love of LUSH’s Toothy Tabs and The Greeench deodorant powder.

The Toothy tabs are a great alternative to toothpaste and much easier to transport. A great range of flavours, and for someone who hates bicarb, I really don’t taste it in the tabs! I prefer the larger tab bottles as the smaller card boxes are prone to bathroom water damage.

The Greeench deodorant powder is quite the product, applies easily and keeps my pits completely dry and fresh. Great herbal smell too. The only downside is that you do risk white marks on dark clothing, but this washes out much easier than deodorant residue.


Although I have a few minor issues with LUSH, I generally like them enough to keep going back for more! There are key products that I use daily, including their shower gels and their loose pigment powder (face powder.) Which I LOVE. It is light enough to match my English Rose completion and applies so smoothly! And it’s the one thing on my list completely scent free!

Handwritten Finds & The Dying Art of Ink

I love handwriting, a pastime I enjoy greatly. Also a dying art! I love nothing more than finding handwritten pieces, be it tucked in books or found on shelves. It fascinates me, like glimpsing into others lives.

I also miss the days when letter writing was a prominent part of communication. And that feeling of anticipation upon waiting for the Post Man to arrive. The envelope, the post mark, a revealing of secrets. Little gifts and hand developed photos. All of which I miss greatly. Such excitement for the price of a stamp!

Who ever wrote the beginnings of this poem (?) I wish they had written more. It was found in the pages of a book I brought.


And this, a diary I brought, upon first glance seemed blank… and hidden in pages, words…

In a box much like Pandoras, I found the diary of a woman who wrote in partial or on occasion. She wrote of her Grandparents decades befor. Of her lover, or of a man who didn’t love her back. And of a studio she’d created by hand and a dream she’d once had.


And so I wrote my own lines in this find. Then left it on a book swap table. Maybe someone else sat and pondered over our words, adding words of their own perhaps.

And so I continue with words, filling up journals, handwritten scribbles and notes on pages…

Musings, clues, times and places.

A tell tale signs of a life I once lived. Join me, connect, feel what I feel and walk in my steps.

Pen words of you own, in ink, for people like me…


Tell me, what’s your story…

Post Poppy Z Brite & the Art of Billy Martin

I’ve always been a lover of the Author Poppy Z Brite, but former writer and Transgender artist (now known as Billy Martin) has also produced some rather interesting Art Work and prints. Even jewellery.

Here are a few pieces in my collection.


Including prints from original paintings relating to his awesome book ‘Lost Souls’


I do hope he continues with painting the characters from his books, it’s great to see how the artist envisions his creations.

His work can be found on ETSY under ‘PZBART’ You can also find an array of Voodoo supplies from Billy Martin and a back catalogue of titles.