Post Poppy Z Brite & the Art of Billy Martin

I’ve always been a lover of the Author Poppy Z Brite, but former writer and Transgender artist (now known as Billy Martin) has also produced some rather interesting Art Work and prints. Even jewellery.

Here are a few pieces in my collection.


Including prints from original paintings relating to his awesome book ‘Lost Souls’


I do hope he continues with painting the characters from his books, it’s great to see how the artist envisions his creations.

His work can be found on ETSY under ‘PZBART’ You can also find an array of Voodoo supplies from Billy Martin and a back catalogue of titles.

Allsaints Clothing and Cards

After receiving a Valentines day card a while back, it had me looking at labels. I’m not a follower of fashion, but very taken by the art work from Allsaints clothing company. So after a quick shop around, I’m adding them to my collection. Now to find some badass frames! Very Goth Chic…


ABC… Art, Brut, Christo!

One contemporary artist I’m in love with at the moment, Brut artist Cristabel Christo. This woman offers hope for all of us who suffer in one way or another. She takes the darkest of human qualities and creates the most amazing one off pieces. I can truly relate to this… I’m never more creative and artistic, then when in the depths of depression. It’s those moments when I have no words and communication is only possible through canvas.

So here I share a few of my Christo pieces, from my private collection. (From left to right ‘Love Seems Something Like Wanting A Scar’ ‘An Indescribable Childlike Sweetness of Heart’ ‘Blow Job’ and ‘Those Drugs You’ve Got Won’t Make You Feel Better’)




Daniel Martin Diaz and The Love of Death

I get passionate about very few artists in general, but for those who like the more Macabre it may be worth checking the work of Daniel Martin Diaz. Anatomy of Sorrow and the now sold out Mysterium Fidei are beautifully crafted and teeming with wondrous imagery. I adore the symbolism and the Occult undertone. His work is a mixture of anatomy, geometry, nature, religion and obscurity. There is a true mystical feel to his creations. And although I have yet to view Soul of Science, no doubt it is equally as stunning as his previous books. As it stands I lack ownership of an original piece by Diaz, but for now marvelling over his books will do just fine! Black Madie’ guards the goodies I do have lol. Interested? Check out his website

(Photos from my personal library)