BPAL Lilith’s 2016 Review

So it’s that time of year again, the release of the Lilith collection from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

This is my First BPAL order direct from the Lab (I’m in the UK) and I have to say despite the expensive postage, I am thrilled with this years Lilith’s!  I was very pleased to receive my order FAST fast and loved the extras.  In my parcel I received 8 free imps and a pretty post card along side my 5 bottles, which were mostly foody types.

OK review and pretties time…


First off I’d just like to say how beautiful Lilith and her labels are! And there wasn’t a bottle I didn’t like! I brought from The Motherhood collection 2016 (the second part of the release) and these scents are incredible! So from left to right:

‘The Devil Will Find Work for Idle Hands. This scent is a ridiculous mélange of blue cotton candy, strawberry marshmallows, and whipped cream with sprinkles.’ This is a sweet treat for sure. Strawberry marshmallow leads, followed by a soft dry down of blue creamy candy. Love it.

‘Vampire Night at the Movies. An odd mix of salted popcorn, butter, clove, and a few drops of stage blood.’ This is natural popcorn (as apposed to a more synthetic smelling super sweet popcorn scent) The clove note to me smells more like soft cinnamon which adds a nice warmth to the scent. There is also a powdered sugar smell to me, the sort of sugar that coats doughnuts. I really like this one. But it does dry down powdery.

‘Perfect Fifths. Bow rosin and bubblegum.’ Oh yes this is pink childlike bubble gum and bow rosin. The bow rosin adds a sharp chemical powdery smell, but it’s quite pleasant. This perfume is super strong.

‘Little Lady Frankenstein. This should smell like electricity and potions.’ This was the only scent I was on the fence with. It doesn’t really smell like the (sort of) description lol. This is like white electricity and strange floral’s on me. There is also a tinge of lemon grass? and a semi citrus note. I like the smell in the bottle… but having tested it twice, it’s odd on skin.

‘Motherhood. Snake Oil, lavender, bubblegum, and gummi bears.’ OK so I was sure this would be the one I liked the least (I hate lavender) but it turns out I love it the most. This will be the sell out hit for sure. On cold sniff, this is blue sour candy and something dark lurking around the corner. On the skin… oh WOW, PURPLE snake oil! The bubble gum and candy swirl around in this dark purple mysterious scent. I can tell this will age beautifully, if it lasts that long haha.

So all in all… worth every penny. Grab them whilst you can. I’m now eagerly awaiting the ‘Weenies’ release (Halloween) too. So many pretties, so many!