Blooddrop Perfume Review

I have been meaning to  check out Blooddrop Clothing & Fineries for awhile, after receiving some of their perfumes in a swap. Originally I had recieved ‘Sheer Pink Stockings’ which is a beautiful pink sugary blend and ‘Rootbeer & Vanilla Ice Cream Float.’ Both bottles smell incredible and have aged beautifully.


I also recieved a bottle of Merci (A free gift for spending $50 or over.) The idea behind Merci (thank you) bottles being that they are a complete mystery, with no notes listed. Which makes for a little fun.


So after hearing about Blooddrops ‘Summer Simplicities’ range and ‘Bastille Day’ Collection and having seen an offer on B.D Facebook page, I placed an order. The owner of Blooddrops was very kind in helping me avoid certain notes I have allergies to. The order itself was easy to place and TAT (turn around time)  very reasonable to the UK!

So with the F.B offer I brought 4 bottles and received 2 bottles free, plus a bottle of Merci. That is a whopping 3 bottle free… making for a very generous parcel! And when my goodies arrived they were beautifully wrapped and accompanied by a personal handwritten note and cute little ‘artwork cards’ for want of a better word.


OK so first up I tried the Summer Simplicity collection:

Spun Sugar. A white neutral sugar (not your stereotypical ‘pink floss’.) It is very ‘one lump or two’ and makes for a great layering note without being too sweet.

Pavement. In the bottle, a strange concoction of tar and cough mixture. On the skin…. oh wow this is a morpher, changing with the time of day. It reminds me of those hot HOT summers where concrete cracks and tar oozes a dark rainbow of oil… and then the storm hits and rain drops meet warm sidewalks. Pavement is a journey and i’m happy to be on it!

Fudge. This smells like homemade chunks of granny made fudge. It is not the super sweet cheap holiday fudge I was expecting. Spun sugar layers with this well! I would loved for this to have been sweeter, but that’s just my tooth talking lol.

 Bastille Day:

Fraternite. This reminds me of grabbing a coffee in a suave historically steeped bar, on some cobbled back street somewhere. Initially this is a smokey strong scent, with creeping coffee and aged wood. It dries down to a soft smokey ale. This is a dry smoke, not the rich tobacco note I was expecting. But non the less,  a very dark perfume full of mystery and memory. Nice!


Solstice. I’m quite taken with this, it’s dark and fruity. It’s purple and overripe with hints of greenery… gorgeous.

Chocolate Apple Cider Doughnut. This is interesting, no particular notes stand above or dominates. It is a very sweet cider with a lump of chocolate, tinge of apple and a hint of freshly baked doughnut. On the dry down… Cider for the win!

Merci 116! Ouuu or should I say ohhh *scratches head* I smell milk chocolate, snapped straight from a big chunky bar. But what.. oh what is that background note. Something familiar, something that will plague my thoughts and then pop up at the most random time with a big *THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE* lol! This game is fun.

I had been striking out with ‘Indy companies’ recently, so all in all i’m really glad I ordered! Blooddrops are little postal bundles of happiness. Long lasting, decent throw, great selection… what more could I ask for… well apart from more lol.

So go on give them a go, no don’t let me keep them all for myself. OK i’ll share… maybe, I changed my mind get your own lol!