Hard Candy Cosmetics Review, lid says ‘yes’

OK being in the UK, Hard Candy is a brand I was initially unaware of. However I did like the look of their products, they have a ‘colour pop’ Barry M feel. So here are a few items I grabbed


The purple and green colour pop eye shadow sticks are bright and strong. Quite creamy, so I’d advise a blending shadow brush. Although I do love the colour of the purple stick, it did initially have a strange almost oily white layer on top. (Seen in the photo below.)

I wasn’t jumping up and down with the loose showgirl glitter either. It was very mediocre and the grain wasn’t as fine as i’d have hoped for. Barry M have a micro glitter range that top this by far! Added  to which the nail polish was patchy and watery. Took three coats, could have done with four but I didn’t want to wait an hour and flap around trying to dry.

However it wasn’t all bad. I LOVE the Mocha lip gloss. It is a nice coffee shade and smells the part. Taste wise, it tastes sweet.. pretty good.  It is a shimmery hint of colour and not at all sticky. I love the tube it comes in too… when I unscrewed to apply.. I got that ouuu it’s like a sweetie tube feel lol.

Finally I tried the Fortune glosses. The yellow gloss smells a little like lemon drops and the green is a candy peppermint. Both smell, well yes artificial but my sweet tooth got the better of me. These are both gloss heavy and taste sugary good. They are a little sticky, i made the mistake of wiping one off with tissue… oh crap haha tissue mouth! However I did spend quite a while playing with the glosses as the lids have this 8 ball theme. Shake the lids and get 8 ball answers.


So should I use Hard Candy again? Magic lid says ‘yes’ sure why not. They are cheap and cheerful and all in all quite fun.