Demeter perfume and painting with scent

Demeter are an American company known for a large Library of fragrance. If you are in the UK you’ll find a selection of their perfume sprays in Boots drug store.

Now their collections are vast and their scents are known for vanishing pretty quickly. This to me is actually ideal! Their bottle size is big enough that you can afford to keep topping up as you go. I also like their fade fast scents, because it means I can change my scent choice through out the day.


Demeter are my company of comfort, being able to select a scent to suit my mood! And as they have a huge selection of single notes, it makes for a great blending collection… I can create scents personal and unique.


The other great thing about Demeter is that they group scent. (Have selections of similar notes or themes) Allowing you the illusion of running away with your dreams. It’s like painting a scene with perfume or creating a certain atmosphere.

Now I did mention the lack of longevity, however I find the 8ml samples do last a lot longer and seem to be stronger (have a better throw) So you may wish to check them out. They are also great handbag sized bottles.


One last Demeter tip is that to look at a Demeter bottle, you’d be forgiven for thinking they are sealed. Well actually they are screw top! So I have been decanting some of the perfumes and adding them to 10ml spray bottles, so I can keep an array of scent for linen and atmosphere sprays. (The oil is light enough to spray on fabric without leaving oily marks)

This also means that I can mix custom blends for myself and add them to decorative bottles of my choice. Oh the fun of bottle shopping my Demeter lovers! Happy sniffing!