LUSH perfume update and perfume taping advice!

I’ve been gone so long I barely remember myself. But I do remember my hunger for scent. So I figured the best place to begin, was with my annoyance in finding half of my LUSH perfume samples having evaporated. Sweet scent gone forever. I blame those pesky push top stoppers!

2014-05-27 19.11.50

What I will say is that if you have perfume with faulty or unsuitable tops and you fear evaporation or leaking, then my advice… tape the bottles. You can buy (expensive) ‘perfume tape’ but i’d suggest ‘plumbers tape.’ Why you ask… well they are one and the same. That’s right, made of the same stuff and do the same job. Plumbers tape costs half the price and comes in a variety of widths and thicknesses. It is great for keeping your scents safe and also perfect for those bottles and samples you may wish to post. Reducing the likelihood of accidental leaks in transit. Losing precious perfume is no joke!

 Now I know, I hear you… is it sticky… no it’s not, it’s a self sealing tape. You simply cut the length, wrap and press the end down when you are done. It is also really easy to remove and completely reusable too.

So, after protecting the remainder of my perfumes I decided to order a few other samples from LUSH to make up for the loss. I was pleasantly surprised to find LUSH  have invested in screw top lids (about time.) And all in all the new sample bottles aren’t bad. The perfume comes out much easier and the lids do their job! My only complaint being the wonky labels. For the money (Approx. £20 for a sample set) I’d really like to see a better finish.


I won’t bother to review the scents, but my final note on the matter is that the new scents feel very basic. The primary notes in each scent overpower the background notes. Making them feel almost like single notes. LUSH’s previous scents feel more complex and layered. Making them my preferred blend.

i’d also like to quickly mention my love of LUSH’s Toothy Tabs and The Greeench deodorant powder.

The Toothy tabs are a great alternative to toothpaste and much easier to transport. A great range of flavours, and for someone who hates bicarb, I really don’t taste it in the tabs! I prefer the larger tab bottles as the smaller card boxes are prone to bathroom water damage.

The Greeench deodorant powder is quite the product, applies easily and keeps my pits completely dry and fresh. Great herbal smell too. The only downside is that you do risk white marks on dark clothing, but this washes out much easier than deodorant residue.


Although I have a few minor issues with LUSH, I generally like them enough to keep going back for more! There are key products that I use daily, including their shower gels and their loose pigment powder (face powder.) Which I LOVE. It is light enough to match my English Rose completion and applies so smoothly! And it’s the one thing on my list completely scent free!