LUSH Foundation and Face Powder

One thing to note about me, is that I have spent forever finding both foundation and face powder to cover both spot prone and extremely light skin. Most foundations leave me well.. orangutan orange with a layer of chalk lol.

So first up I tried LUSH’s Colour Supplement in their lightest shade ‘Jackie Oates.’ This is £12 for a small pot and it’s worth noting compared to the face powder, this is NOT vegan friendly.  It does contain honey etc… The idea being that it acts as a spot calming treatment and foundation.


The first thing to note is the smell, OMG the smell… yuck! It’s a mixture of strong oats, dust and cardboard. It took me a moment to recover lol! So from there I chose to quick test with my finger. It is light, but i’m still not sold on the shade. Consistency is pretty thick and it does blend well. I’m not sure i’d risk brush application as it seems to work well with warm fingers. However it does sit in the pores and it is on the oily side. It doesn’t last well either, a few hours and it’s patchy. But the odd thing is, that it makes for a good spot treatment, it does calm and tame. But for me it’s a no, I can’t get past the smell and the smell lingers on my skin.

Next up is the Emotional Brilliance face powder. Again this is £12 per pot and unlike the foundation, this is indeed Vegan. I’m also happy to report, that this is LIGHT light! It also has a thread of pink, giving that English Rose dewy look.


 I applied with a nice chunky powder brush and immediately fell in love. This feels like quality. Works wonders over a decent foundation, holds its colour and consistency, lasts, targets oily areas and most importantly doesn’t stink! Winner, i have been using it ever since.