Hard Candy Cosmetics Review, lid says ‘yes’

OK being in the UK, Hard Candy is a brand I was initially unaware of. However I did like the look of their products, they have a ‘colour pop’ Barry M feel. So here are a few items I grabbed


The purple and green colour pop eye shadow sticks are bright and strong. Quite creamy, so I’d advise a blending shadow brush. Although I do love the colour of the purple stick, it did initially have a strange almost oily white layer on top. (Seen in the photo below.)

I wasn’t jumping up and down with the loose showgirl glitter either. It was very mediocre and the grain wasn’t as fine as i’d have hoped for. Barry M have a micro glitter range that top this by far! Added  to which the nail polish was patchy and watery. Took three coats, could have done with four but I didn’t want to wait an hour and flap around trying to dry.

However it wasn’t all bad. I LOVE the Mocha lip gloss. It is a nice coffee shade and smells the part. Taste wise, it tastes sweet.. pretty good.  It is a shimmery hint of colour and not at all sticky. I love the tube it comes in too… when I unscrewed to apply.. I got that ouuu it’s like a sweetie tube feel lol.

Finally I tried the Fortune glosses. The yellow gloss smells a little like lemon drops and the green is a candy peppermint. Both smell, well yes artificial but my sweet tooth got the better of me. These are both gloss heavy and taste sugary good. They are a little sticky, i made the mistake of wiping one off with tissue… oh crap haha tissue mouth! However I did spend quite a while playing with the glosses as the lids have this 8 ball theme. Shake the lids and get 8 ball answers.


So should I use Hard Candy again? Magic lid says ‘yes’ sure why not. They are cheap and cheerful and all in all quite fun.


The Best of Barry M cosmetics

All the glitters. So Barry M are a mid priced cruelty free cosmetics company and for all my UK friends, can be found amongst the shelves at Boots. They are mostly pitched to a younger demographic but don’t let that put you off, this Mama is down with the kids lol.

Barry M are well known for their beloved dazzle dust pots (eye shadow pigment pots) amongst other things. So very quickly i’m going to show you a few of my favourite must haves and colour loves.

First up we have Barry M  Lip Lacquer crayons. They have been around since 2010 (I believe) and are still a staple quick fix in my make-up bag. They are a high gloss finish and real easy to apply. And yes… the lacquer goes all the way to the end of the pencil, unlike other brands. (Meaning more for your money.) Plus this is one of the few companies who have a ‘blue pearl’ colour in their range. (Clear colour with a blue pearl tinge) Which i LOVE.


Next up are the Dazzle dust post. These are incredible! Available in a few hundred shades (I kid you not) Some pastel, some metallic, you are bound to find a colour and finish to fit any look! I cannot rate these enough, and with a eye primer, these powders last all day! Barry M also sell these cute quads too. (Hard pressed shadow) Offering quite the palette for standout eyes.


So the next photo includes blushers, brow kits and  Illuminating Strobe Cream! Which has been a ‘this year must have smash’ everywhere. the strobe stick is a great highlighter, but I like it most because on its own with a quick brush across your cheeks.. you get the beautiful dewy English Rose look!!

I must give a quick shout out for the brow kits too. Having tried every damn brow kit going, this one does the job perfectly. You get your powder to fill in your brows, a coloured wax to blend and fix. And yes this tames the strays too, keeping them in place. And a white highlighter. These kits come in three shades and the mid brown is warm enough to cover those beautiful red heads out there. Very nice product!


Now I wouldn’t have done this company justice if I didn’t mention the array of polish available. I’m not a massive nail painter lol, so don’t have the biggest collection. However the range of colours and finishes are once again extensive. I love the Jelly Pastels. But their coconut oil range are selling like wildfire! And for the metal heads.. the metallic range are equally as popular!


So there you are. Find a little of what you love, and paint your face happy. Enjoy.