Cosmetics, my £200 make up haul for under £30. You can too!

Did I really get so many branded products for so little… yes. Did I need to sell my soul… no. Did I fill in questionnaires or provide my bank details… hell no lol.

I am one of those annoying people who always seems to swipe a bargain, on the very same item someone else brought 5 minutes befor for 10 times the amount.  Now don’t get me wrong, I do put the hard work in. I will compare, hunt, coupon, swap, shop and take advantage of those 3 for 2 offers. But there is an easier way to grab branded make up at a fraction of the cost… keep reading!

So first off, let me show you some of the Max Factor cosmetics I currently use and a breakdown of their recommended cost. (Just so you know that I didn’t pull my pricing out of thin air, most of these products I looked up on the Boots drug store website)


Max Factor RRP:

 Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 foundation and Serum £12.99. Smokey Eye Effect 2 step eye shadow £6.99. Flipstick colour effect £8.49 x2. Gloss Cube £6.99 x2. Vibrant Curve Effect gloss £7.99 x2. Colour X-pert liner £6.99. Liquid Effects Pencil £6.99. Mono Eye Shadow single £3.99. Wild Shadow pots £4.99 x2

Next up we have my L’oreal, Mabelline and Rimmel cosmetics currently in use.


Maybelline RRP:

Big Eyes Liner £4.99. Colour Show Blush ‘em £5.99 x2. Big Eyes shadow palette £6.99 x2

Rimmel RRP:

Glam Eyes HD £6.99


Paris Glam Shine Gloss £7.99 x2.

Burt’s Bees RRP:

Tinted £3.69

And finally my L’OREAL Infallible eye shadow pots collection £6.99 x6


So there you are, my collection of 29 goodies with a RRP of £ 194.42!

And for the ACTUAL amount I paid… drum roll please… £27! That’s right 27 pound.

How you ask… simple. £1 shop and 99p stores. Also stores like Home Bargains. That’s it!

A lot of people I spoke to about this subject admitted not wanting to look in such places as they assumed these stores well full of lower end market make up. Or that the make up was some how faulty or a copies of known brands.

This is not the case. Shops like that fill up on over stock from other retail outlets. They also take last seasons left overs, colours that weren’t as popular perhaps or stock that never made it to it’s original destination. Meaning there are real bargains to be had, if you are happy to look through the stacked shelves of the 99p store!

In some cases, items are even sold in sets of two or three items for the same price. It is possible to shop on a shoe string and look stunning for less Stirling!