Sugar and SPITE bathery perfume review

Some time ago I received a bottle of S&S ‘Barnum’ and fell in love with the creamy hay and golden tobacco scent drifting from the bottle. After checking out customers Facebook photos of their Dram sets, I went ahead and brought 2 sample sets of my own. (Each set should contain 5 sample bottles, 1 Dram each)

So today my order came and initially I was impressed with the outer packaging. Nicely wrapped, decorative, cute wax seals.



But unfortunately that is where my excitement ended.  Immediately both boxes felt, well damp and I knew there were leaky products. But forever the optimist, I grabbed some tissue and prepared for the clean up.

The second problem came when viewing the perfumes… erm ok, 1ml samples. (Not what I ordered) I checked the website again, and they were still listed as 1 Dram (3.6ml) and other customers had still been receiving 1 Dram samples. Why not me?!   Added to which, other customers had an array of free perfume samples with their orders too.

So a few excuses.. erm I mean Emails later, it was explained that it was a ‘clerical error’ followed by ‘a costing issue’ and that there had never been a complaint about leaks befor. And without warning my order has been downsized lol. (And so you can see, i have included two photos below. The first is my smaller, leaky order. The second is a recent Facebook photo of another customers Dram set order) My samples don’t even fit in the box properly.



In S&S’s defence, she did refund the initial costs. However, between exchange rates, customs charges and Postal handling fees… I lost my ass on this one! Which is a shame, as although some of the samples are very generic there are a few scents I would have ordered full bottles of. I may also have ordered other products. But as it stands I feel a little brushed aside and certainly left with ‘Dram envy’ lol. If you advertise something… deliver.


Lust for LUSH

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