Revlon Scented Nail Polish

I’m not always a massive fan of Revlon when it comes to nail polish, but did select four of the original scented polishes. (Grape Icy, Coconut Crush, Sugar Glaze and Raspberry Scone.)



I was quite happy with the array of scent and colour choices available, but unfortunately not the quality or throw. These were very watery and still patchy after 3 coats. The brush had little control and the polish dripped everywhere. The scent lasted a little over 2 hours. Added to which, the print on the bottle came off all over my hands… nightmare!

So whilst in Boots recently I found a selection of updated and redesigned Revlon scented nail polishes. I jumped straight in with Spun Sugar, Lavender Soap, Fresh Linen and Autumn Spice.


I’m quite taken with the new look, they have that grande apothecary feel. However the brush lids are a little hard to handle, it’s like trying to paint with a marble lol. Now I did note that the quality of the varnish had improved, 3 coats gives a fairly even finish but this formula does chip quite easily. The scents themselves are longer lasting (around 24 hours) and less pungent than Revlon’s first range. Autumn Spice has the added bonus of being glittery bordering metallic.

So all in all, these aren’t too bad. There is a certain childlike fun element to these ‘Look at me I have scratch and sniff fingers’ Probably not the look Revlon were going for though lol!