Commodity perfumes sample sets

Commodity perfume sample sets are a great way to try a range of niche scents. Originally part of the Kick Start project, Commodity have built a steady following. Unfortunately they do not currently post to the UK. But a favour from a friend and I finally have my hands on their scent sample sets.


They are offered in both ‘man’ and ‘woman’ collections, but to be honest they are very unisex. I’m as much a fan of the masculine scents as I am the feminine, simply because they lack the flowery vs. aftershave feel. They are all very natural but unusual scents. Offered in a range from dew and rain, to book and cane.

The other fantastic thing about these samples are not only the range but the price. For $9 each set with free US postage, you really can’t go wrong! Even with me having paid a US friend to send them to me, they are cheap! And much larger than the usual 1ml samples. I’d like to have seen a plastic lid with them, but that just me being fussy.


The women’s collection are on the lighter side. They are a range of softer scents with a good throw. They last well too, lingering nicely on the skin. And each are wrapped for freshness and come with a little diary card for after thoughts.

The men’s scents are a touch heavier, and have an earthier feel. Including woods, beverages etc… even book and paper. And yes there is a distinct difference between closely grouped scents. The paper scent is fresher and has a hint of lignin, as apposed to the smell of ‘book’ which reminds me of old libraries.

I was disappointed that a couple of samples had leaked. Also having reached the bottom of the samples, there is actually only enough perfume for a few sprays.  Samples are not full. However, the perfumes are of nice quality and the scents are quite comforting. I’d consider buying full sized bottles if they were available in the UK. Lets hope this company go from strength to strength.