Market Make up. Cheap cosmetics, crazy colour palettes and matte lips!

My last blog was about pricey cosmetics at bargain prices. It felt only right to follow up with cheap ‘market brand’ cosmetics and their quality.

I will let you know quickly… I have spot prone very light skin with an oily t zone and dry elsewhere… yes i’m working with washed out colourless hell lol. So products are brought based on my pale icky complexion lol.

I would never normally have ‘gone market’ when it comes to make up (Icky 80’s memories of gritty, strangely smelling  cosmetic cheapies!) However I felt that drug store brands have been lacking colour and matte variety recently. I was also curious as to if known brands could be rivalled?!

I am a big fan of both matte and multi-use make up, variety and decent colour pallets are a must along with quality. I’m also a lover of unusual shades. Lets face it… I WANT IT ALL lol. So here’s what I brought and how it went…

The photo below:

Left hand palette W7 ‘Neon Nights’ electric eyes £3.99 from Superdrug

Right hand palette Technic ‘Electric beauty’ £2.49 from local market


WOW these are PIG.MENT.STRONG. Yes after testing, i’m impressed. I will say that the neon yellow and pastel orange are the weaker colours, they are more a ‘hint of’ than bold. But even this worked well. What I love about the W7 palette is that it is well constructed. Beautiful chunky clear acrylic cases with nice sized pans.

Between the two sets, I love the scope… From metallics and neons to pastels. Very nice! No smell and with a good primer… they last hours! I was shocked with the variety of pallets offered by W7 and the range of colours are beautiful. I WILL be buying the Mermaid palette with all the greeny bluey purples.

OK, next up are my top pick correctors, highlighters and face powder. (Needed with my skin which is a hot mess lol) Ouuu and a blush which works as a face powder!

Top left. MUA ‘Pro-base prime and conceal.’ £2.99 Superdrug

Top right. MUA ‘Pixel Perfect Multi-Blush’ (Pink Blossom) £1.99 Superdrug

Bottom left. Make Up Gallery ‘Smoothly Does It’ pressed powder (Natural Beige 2) £1.99 Market

Bottom right. W7 ‘Let’s Go’ Illuminating face powder £1.99 Market


OK first up TL: This is a hard pressed correcting base. Now this is solid, I’d recommend a hard powder brush. Despite that, this is a very good corrector. Not overly heavy, and the pan is big enough that if you need more of one colour, just use the brush to pick it up. (I used to be a fan of Avons colour correcting balls… but it didn’t give me the ability to select more of a certain colour, well this does!) I do wish it was a softer powder though, i really have to work the brush to get powder to transfer.

TR: I LOVE this, but not for its intended use lol. It is marked as a ‘blush’ but the blossom shade is so light and soft… I use it as an all over powder. It gives a very natural pale pink glow to my skin. It is softer than the pro-base and lasts longer. For a coloured pan, it’s comes out whitish pink… gorgeous! I love the ‘English Rose’ look.. and this gives me exactly that! Well done MUA!

BL: This is a straight up face powder. It covers pretty well. I like that it is LIGHT light. But it doesn’t cover as well as my usual choices (Either Rimmel or my beloved Soap and Glory powders) This is the one that feels most like ‘market cheap’

BR: W7 for the win again… this is a decent all over powder but also great for that dewy glowing look. It does have a micro pastel glitter in the mix… but this is not overly obvious on the skin. This would suit any light/medium skin tone, but I can imagine red heads rocking this shade!

So, the next photo quickly covers creams… conceal, prime, glow!


On the left we have the Multi Concealer Palette ‘Hide It!’ 69p from Body Care. This is a Technic product. I like the creams and they work pretty well but the case is kind of falling apart on me. I later found out that this is a tester product and Technic sell a bigger concealer palette. The only issue with this product, is that it takes some blending… these are block colours and quite heavy.

On the right we have the W7 ‘Prime and Glow’ illuminating primer. £1.99. This is the better quality cream base. Very light… very bright! How ever, I struggle to mix creams and powders. So I’m not a massive fan of either of these products. They are fine for a more natural look… but when you begin to introduce other make up components these both go a little ‘cakey’

 Next are my beloved matte colour and natural shade lipsticks! £1.99 each


First off I must apologise for the overly bright photo (taken with my phone) the colours are a touch darker in real life. So from left to right:

1. W7 Matte ‘Angel’ (soft chalk pink)

2. W7 Nude Kiss ‘Naughty Nude’ (soft chalk peach)

3. W7 Mad about Matte’s ‘All About Me’ (dusky mauve)

4. W7 Mad About Matte’s ‘On A Roll’ (deep purple)

5. MUA Matte ‘Totally Nude’ (warm pinky beige)

6. W7 Shimmer Lips ‘Pearl Shimmer’ (pearl white)

W7… wow well done. Matte FANTASTIC! 1-4 great colour choice. Nice thick even application. Surprisingly long lasting, minimal transfer. I reapplied after 4 hours in general… but that was after eating, drinking etc…  so not bad at all. I REALLY like these and I love the colour range.. it’s vast. The only downside was that the dark purple stained my lips… but this was easily removed by adding lip balm then wiping off. (The balm lifts the colour)

Now W7 Pearl Shimmer was the only one that wasn’t a winner for me. It was a little patchy. Number 5.

MUA was a nice shade matte but faded faster… I seem to reapply this more often. But for the price… you can afford to.

The biggest let down in cheaper lipsticks were the Technic range. (Not shown in photograph) I could not get them to last and they were very patchy. ‘Pink Lady’ was a bright pink shimmery lipstick in the tube… on application there was NO colour on my lips… it went straight in the bin.

So my last photo’ includes a few random buys I grabbed out of curiosity.


Top to bottom:

Technic Eyeshimmer stick in a sort of ‘dark purpley plum’ £1.49. This was a beautiful colour and applied really smoothly, but lasted seconds. This smudged everywhere and would not hold its colour.

Brow Wow pencil ‘Med/Dark’ Barry M. 99p and worth every penny. This is dark and comes with a brow brush. Long lasting. Nice little buy.

Miss Beauty ‘373 Glitter’ nail polish. £1. From Pound Land. This is a clear varnish with a blue pink pearly shimmer and micro glitter. With a decent clear top coat.. this lasted days without chipping. I love those hard to find pearl effect cosmetics!

Finally the last 2 lipliners are from Wilko’s (yep I know! lol) 99p. ‘In The Nude’ and ‘Honey Berry’ Both are the exact colour of the outer pencil. These needed a little warming up from my breath first befor the were soft enough to apply without scratching my lips lol. But did last longer than expected. I’m still not excited by these, and the packaging design feels cheap.

Soooo.. all in all there is a clear winner in the cheapie stakes. W7 well done, a quality array of cosmetics, fantastic colour choice and finish. I’m impressed! Love the Matte lipsticks. MUA comes a fair second and Technic’s crapped out lol. MUA  ‘Pixel Perfect Multi-Blush’ (Pink Blossom) has become a staple make up bag must, along with W7 Matte lipstick in that unusual dusky Mauve colour.

Who would have thought market make up had come so far!